Zeph Zero



Mission: Visually represent abstract concepts.

Style is just a repeated mistake. The mistake I like to repeat is cartoonish exaggeration and surrealist symbolism. Salvador Dali and Looney Tunes ruined me.

Like a dream I mix and distort familiar images to represent intangible ideas.  In the real world opposites don’t mix like oil and water. It’s a fun challenge to make impossible things happen and offer a story that doesn’t move in any linear path.  Size doesn’t matter. Physics and space have no jurisdiction. Linear narratives or prose can get kicked right out of the car door. Instead of saying one thing at a time it can say many things all at once.

This should be a relief. I want there to be a giggle behind every piece as I believe there is a giggle behind everything in the world, even though it maybe really hard to find it.

The biggest threat we face is that our time is limited. Some folks call that scarcity. That’s the setup.

The ridiculous gestures, wild line work, and uses of color are to remind you that the work isn’t real. I’m creating a space where ANYTHING can happen. I want the pop. For it to be over the top like pro wrestling. Whatever sense of danger that may appear is scripted. The punchline is that you’ll be okay.