Zeph Zero



Mission: Tell champion style stories.

Spartan Buddha

Mission: Create a webcomic about a fighting philosopher.

Crime fighting seems like a boring use of superpowers.  Fighting for your existence seems more practical.

Spartan Buddha is a martial artist and philosopher that doesn’t stop bank robberies. He fights monsters that plague the psyche of mankind as a wandering warrior monk. 

The logo comes from lotus leaves, spartan helmet, and mala beads.  It doesn’t make sense for the character to rock it himself, since it’s a short hand of his appearance, since it would be like getting a tattoo of your face on your face, but I think it looks good on a T-shirt or flag. 

Down with Monsters

Mission: Publish an illustrated novel about a fighting philosopher.

Most major religions have a holy book. Spartan Buddha is not a holy man and this book certainly isn’t holy. If he were to dispel his gospel into written form, it may bear some resemblance to this picture book. A fairytale. 

Animated paperback copy of Down with Monsters rotating 360 degrees.

Robots Fight Dirty

Mission: Publish a poetry book about a fighting robot.

Machines do what they’re programmed to do even if they’re broken. Robots Fight Dirty is about a robot damaged by battle. He’s self aware of his issues and uses time travel to diagnosis the problem.

It’s an illustrated story told through syllable constraint of haikus. Rigid thinking usually gets us into our messes. Even if it happens to be poetic.

Animated paperback copy of Robots Fight Dirty rotating 360 degrees.