Zeph Zero



Mission: Functionally organize visual data. 

Kids' Empathy App Prototype

Mission: Design a tool to help kids learn about empathy.

Smart phones can’t distribute candy yet, so I figured the next best way to grab kids’ attention is with a mascot. EmpaKid keeps their heart in mind. The design is intentional simple to license into a plush doll, stickers, NFTs or whatever merchandise kids would like to buy. EmpaKid is a reminder to think of others perspectives. The shape of the heart adapts to the situation, while the shape of the head remains consistent. Kinda like how empathy works.

Punk Band Website Prototype

Mission: Design an album listening & ordering flow for a punk band.

The most punk website would be no website. Just a photocopied flyer stapled to a light pole or thumb tacked to a cork bulletin board. That’s not happening. Punk, like everything else, has been commodified for mass consumption. 

My attempt was in presenting something that looks like it was cut and pasted in someone’s bedroom. A functional collage of chaos. 

Ghost escape a defensive fight maneuver. Going about Doing It Yourself is a defensive maneuver against established institutions.  Being a ghost is rebellious act of clinging to something that was taken away from you. It proudly wears defiance as armor. You can’t stop it even if you put a couple of new holes in it’s head. It’s crowned itself even if you can’t see it.

Relaxation App Prototype

Mission: Design an app to help people relax. 

This is a non chemical solution for the untrained. In a clutch the answers to smooth out are custom delivered in your pocket by this digital guru. It provides solutions based on time, space, and desired outcome. 

The logo plays on the idea of a blissed out mystic. Legs crossed and hovering like a cloud. Eyes gentle and mind focused like a dot. 

Beer Label

Mission: Create beer bottle label.

There is joy or a crime in breaking quarantine. Sometimes both. The process is to isolate from something hazardous.  Warning symbols and decay came to mind. Really quarantine should be clean and sterile but whatever is breaking it might be a mess. Hopefully the stuff in the bottle isn’t. 

Lifestyle Brand

Mission: Create ads for a lifestyle brand. 

Ogre is aimed at the 18-34 male demographic. One that read as many books as they lift weights. A combination of machismo and insight. Someone that is looking to find meaning in the fiber of their biceps and soul. 

The future is infinite. To the less optimistic, it’s uncertainty is dangerous.  Nothing gets worse than a monster. Nothing stands taller than an ogre. To our demographic the world is a forest. Mysterious. The danger comes for you or you become the danger. An Ogre.

Strike first, strike fast, strike often. That’s how you chop down a mountain.  A more civilized way of looking at it is, become proactive. A mythic force of nature. People will question if what they saw and heard was true.  The gear is just a reminder. 


Mission: Create shirt designs for obstacle course race teams. 

It takes a bit of belligerency to run an obstacle course. That’s what criminals do for survival. It takes a special kind of stupid to do it without provocation.  Finding something ridiculous was my  biggest guiding principle. Few things alone are ridiculous. It’s in the pairing that they exceed reason. 

 The names gave me a loose direction of where to go. I wanted to create symbols more than literal interpretations. Bukowski said what matters most is how you walk through the fire. I say you should leap over it laughing.